Since 1989, we have been continuing our activities with a customer-oriented service approach and we are among the leading companies in Turkey in the natural stone sector.

Within Borusan Holding, Bormer A.Ş. was founded.

Suat Sarisoy was appointed to the board of directors. Company name Borusan Granit A.Ş. has changed. With the expansion investment, the production capacity was increased to 240.000 m2. Aksaray quarry was opened.

Borusan decided to withdraw from the sector. The company sold its shares to Suat Sarisoy.

Company name was changed to GRANİTAŞ.

Small specialized companies were established. (Ocaktaş - Tektaş)

The production capacity of the Bilecik factory was increased to 360,000 m2.

Bilecik-Antalya-Afyon-Bursa sales centers were established.

The investment of the Granitan company, which has a production capacity of 80.000 m2 (increased to 120.000 m2), has started in Bergama. Dudullu, Outlet and Gaziantep sales centers opened.

The production capacity of Bilecik factory was increased to 470.000 m2 with the modernization investment. Bergama plant started production. The foundation of the enterprise with a production capacity of 100.000 m2 (increased to 120.000 m2) in Kırşehir Organized Industrial Zone was laid and put into operation in the same year. New sales centers opened in Izmir and Ordu. A new general management and sales center was opened in Pendik under the name of Granitas Concept. Karadeniztaş company was founded.

Granitaş Granit Industry Trading SRL was established in Romania. Ankara sales center was opened.

O.O.O. Granitaş Ukraine started its operations in Ukraine. Army sales center was transferred to regional dealers. The production capacity of the Bilecik factory was increased to 600,000 m2. Total production capacity, including Kırşehir and Bergama, reached 850,000 m2. Taş Holding A.Ş. was established.

The foundations of the Sivrihisar and Aksaray factories were laid. The titles of Ocaktaş and Karadeniztaş companies were changed to Madentaş and Mermertaş.

With the commissioning of Sivrihisar and Aksaray factories, the total production capacity reached 1,000,000 m2.

Our Kartal sales center has moved to its new location. Our Dudullu sales center was closed due to the loss of qualifications in parallel with the development of the region. Our army sales center is back in operation.

Konya and Silivri sales centers were opened. Aksaray Ozancık, Crema Lal quarry was opened.

Production capacity of Kırşehir factory was increased. Quartz-based stones, the main distributor agreement with Çimstone company is the first manufacturer in Turkey, which has been signed. Our liaison office in Ankara started operations.

Alibeyköy, Kocaeli and Trabzon sales centers were opened.

Malatya sales center was opened.

Ferhatpaşa sales center was opened.

Samsun and Isparta sales centers were opened. Our Silivri sales center moved to its new location in Çorlu.

Eskişehir and Mersin sales centers were opened. Our Ordu sales center started to serve in its new address. Marble slab production started in our Bilecik factory.

İstanbul (Beylikdüzü) Muğla, Denizli and Adana sales centers were opened. Our Antalya sales center started to serve in its new address.

Izmir Menemen and Kayseri sales centers were opened. Distributorship of Coante in quartz based composite stone and Laminam in porcelain.

İzmir Menemen ve Kayseri satış merkezlerimiz açıldı.

Aydın Ortaklar Organize Sanayi Bölgesinde Maestro Quartz Design markasıyla kurulan fabrikamız üretime başladı. Trabzon satış merkezimiz açıldı.

Kırşehir tel kesme makinemiz faaliyete geçti. Aksaray ve Sivrihisar fabrikalarımız kapasiteleri arttırıldı.

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