ProductionWe add value to our country's natural stones with high technology production.

Granitaş has been a pioneer in the natural stone sector since 1989. Benefiting from the rich natural resources of our country, we realize production in facilities equipped with modern technology.Explore

GRANİTAŞ, which has been conducting prospection and exploration activities all over the country with the aim of adding value to the natural riches of our country since its establishment, processes granite blocks from its own quarries as well as blocks imported from abroad. By operating six granite quarries in Aksaray, Giresun, Kırklareli, Eskişehir, Eskişehir and Ankara, GRANİTAŞ has added the natural riches of our country to its portfolio with the blocks it obtained.

Our company, which continues to operate natural stone quarries by following the developing technology opportunities despite the difficult conditions, realizes block production according to the norms of developed countries.

In order to increase our local granite varieties, GRANİTAŞ continues its prospecting activities on a large scale. GRANİTAŞ continues to increase its contribution to the national economy and maintains its pioneering and leading position in quarry management as in all its activities.

Aksaray Yaylak
  • LocationAksaray
Giresun Vizon
  • LocationGiresun
  • LocationEskişehir
Verde Kiwi
  • LocationKırklareli
  • LocationAnkara
  • LocationAksaray
Ankara Füme
  • LocationAnkara
Crema Lal
  • LocationAksaray
Bilecik Granite Factory
  • Open Area8.000 m2
  • Closed Area40.000 m2
Kirsehir Granite Factory
  • Open Area20.000 m2
  • Closed Area5.000 m2
Aydın Quartz Stone Factory
  • Open Area30.000 m2
  • Closed Area18.000 m2
Istanbul Boutique Stone Production Center
  • Open Area7200 m2
  • Closed Area4000 m2
Aksaray Granite Factory
  • Open Area10.000 m2
  • Closed Area750 m2
Sivrihisar Granite Factory
  • Open Area10.000 m2
  • Closed Area1.500 m2

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